XConfessions Vol 3 By Erika Lust

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10 brand new erotic short films inspired by your sex confessions!

This new volume of XConfessions is going to change the way you think about adult cinema! Beautifully shot with Erika’s trademark attention to detail and commitment to eroticism, Xconfessions Vol. 3 features 10 erotic short films starring gorgeous new performers and original stories ranging from outdoor sex to strap-on sex, ice games to threesomes.

With compelling characters, edgy themes, elegant aesthetics and sensual sex, Erika Lust has once again pushed the boundaries of erotic cinema in her most ambitious project to date.


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Part of an ongoing series inspired by the anonymous submissions at Xconfessions.com, this digital download showcases 10 explicit short films directed by Erika Lust. On the site, users write their dirtiest deeds and forbidden fantasies anonymously. Then, Erika handpicks two confessions every month to be turned into short films. With titles like ”I wish I was a lesbian” , “ A Week-end in the garden of Eden” and “ Boat Buddies ( with benefits)” , this compilation covers everything from group sex, role-play, erotic games and strap-on sex. Regardless of your tastes, gender, sexual preference, or whether you’re single or in a couple … you will never look at porn the same way after seeing Erika Lust’s new erotic production!

About Erika Lust

Erika Lust (b. Stockholm, 1977) is an award-winning director of female-focused indie erotica, who’s gained notoriety for her campaign to change porn by making smart, sexy and sexually positive films. She is a staunch feminist dissatisfied with the portrayal of women in mainstream adult industry, committed to infusing intimacy, modernity and beauty into her explicit films with high creative and production values, interesting stories and relatable performers.
Since 2007, Erika has written and directed 7 award-winning feature films, 3 shorts, and begun a groundbreaking new erotic series.

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